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56 North Lakes Drive, North Lakes, QLD 4509, Australia
North Lakes

Make a statement in your home: nothing elevates your living space quite like a piece of custom furniture that you can tailor to your unique and individual tastes and needs. The Custom Sofa Centre is dedicated to bringing beautiful, high-quality couches to all Australian houses so that your home can look just as personal as you.

Our showroom in North Lakes is conveniently located just off Endeavour Blvd, in the midst of Australia’s top brands for home furnishings and decor - Carpet Call, Kitchen Warehouse, and Curtain Wonderland. You can solve all of your home and furniture needs in one trip. Visiting your local custom couch store has never been easier.

Our store in North Lakes serves customers daily. You can find the opening times for the showroom below or get in touch with us through email or give us a call before your visit.

Custom Sofa Centre serves in easily accessible locations in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales - with plans to expand our business to other parts of Australia to bring our custom sofas within the reach of all Australians.

Visit our Showroom to Design Your Sofa today!

Whether you’re a seasoned sofa shopper or on the market for your first ever custom couch, expert advice is always welcome. We at Custom Sofa Centre want to make sure that you get the couch of your dream, whether it’s a standard sofa, modular and/or a recliner. Come visit our showroom to find inspiration for your ideas and talk to our team to get an idea of the size, style and colour that best suit your needs. We have vast experience in styling Australian homes with special affinity for great couches, and our in-store experts can help with any advice when it comes to picking out the best custom solution for your new couch.

With hundreds of styles and colours to choose from, it’s easy to find a fit that looks like you. Close your eyes and picture the perfect place to rest after a hard day of work. A couch is the focal point of many living rooms: it is usually the biggest piece of furniture so it naturally draws attention to itself, and as the most comfortable seat in the room, it is perhaps the most important piece of furniture there, too. So it is no wonder that many Australians are now turning away from ordinary catalogue couches and are starting to look for something a little more personal.

Buying a custom couch also saves time: normally you would have to spend hours browsing different websites and catalogues on the hunt for the perfect couch, and it is hard to find one that matches all your criteria: maybe you’ve found one that perfectly fits your budget but you’re not pleased with the colour selection, or you’ve got your eye on a classic style but can’t find one with the kind of velvet upholstering that you’re dreaming of. At Custom Sofa Centre, creating your own couch is easy, and you are in the driver's seat to design a sofa that’s just right for you.