Yes, we have a number of finance options available for you. Visit your local Custom Sofa Centre location to talk with our sales team or go to
If you have any concerns about payment, please contact your local showroom or
We need to update this to reflect the standard 6-month warranty and note that an extended warranty is available for up to 7 years.
Absolutely. Your sofa is an important and expensive purchase. While we are sure the quality is top-notch, accidents can (and do) happen. With our 5-year Guardsman warranty, you can rest easy on your new sofa knowing you are protected from a wide range of accidental damage. You can check it out here at
Please contact your local Custom Sofa Centre showroom or email
The supply of items listed on your purchase order agreement are expected to arrive within 12 weeks of the order date. Delays may be experienced due to customs, shipping, or delivery issues that are deemed to be beyond our control. The delivery agent will contact you to arrange a suitable date and time with you for the delivery of your goods to occur once your goods are available for delivery and all outstanding monies have been paid on your account.
Unfortunately, not.
Full payment must be made prior to delivery or collection.Full and final payment must be paid within seven(7) days of being notified that the goods have been shipped, payment can be made by electronic funds transfer to our nominated bank account, credit card, or EFTPOS at this store.
The Custom Sofa Centre uses Full Grain Leathers in the manufacturing of leather lounges. These leathers come in a wide variety of colours with textured, original finishes to suit your decor and lifestyle needs. Made from the finest raw materials, our leathers are put through a series of rigorous tests that ensure optimal performance.
All lounges are wrapped in many layers of foam, cardboard, and plastic for their protection. These items are then packed into a container for up to 21 days during the shipping process. Once unpacked it is normal for the items to have creases, folds, and slight compression marks that come out over time. Dressing your new lounge as per our leather and or fabric care booklet reduces these issues. If your new sofa or chair feels or looks a little different from the one you saw in the store (the seat may feel firmer; the fabric may look tighter), that’s because your furniture is brand new, unlike the store’s floor sample which may have already been well ‘run-in’ by many visitors. Like a new pair of shoes, with regular use, your new furniture will also gradually begin to adapt to your expectations.
Pilling can occur occasionally because of normal daily wear and is not to be considered a fault. There are many variables that can trigger pilling, including climatic conditions, atmospheric purity, and user environment. Even specific clothing types (fleecy tracksuits, etc) can transfer pills from the clothing to the furniture fabric. As the fabric surface is rubbed, a single or small group of loose fibres on the surface begins to twist upon itself, forming tiny balls or ‘pills’. Often the catalyst that starts this process is a foreign fibre or speck of dirt. Pilling can be successfully removed with battery-operated pilling tools available to purchase from any haberdashery store. ‘De-pilling’ only removes unsightly loose surface fibres and does not affect fabric performance.
What should I do if I require assistance? Answer: Our Customer Care Centre operates from 9:00am – 5:00pm AEST, Monday – Friday, for all your after-sales product and delivery queries please contact our Customer Care Centre by emailing
If you would like to submit a warranty claim, please send an email to along with a copy of your purchase order, an explanation of your concern, and at least 2 photos/short videos in reference to the issue. Please ensure that you report any concerns or defects within 7 days of noticing them.Once you have raised a warranty request, we may arrange for a Customer Care team member or contractor to visit your home to inspect your goods.The team member or contractor will assess your furniture to verify that the product presents manufacturing defects.Please note that in some instances more than one inspection may be required.